Simulator Combat Pilot Experience


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It’s time to jump in, buckle up and take off!

With this experience, you and a friend (or enemy) will learn the basics of operating a WWII war bird and take to the skies. There are a range of tasks to perform, even take off is a challenge in itself.

Expect to be on site for around 90 minutes, this includes briefing time. Time in the air will vary on skill but expect an hour each at the controls in one of the two war bird simulators.

With just the single pilot you get the chance to fully explore the capabilities of your chosen aircraft with a one to one session.

If you wish to come as a larger group, for instance a party, stag group or team event please use the contact form here for more info

Example session for two pilots includes:

  1. Arrival and welcome.
  2. A brief introduction to the physical WWII combat flight simulators. Allowing you to choose your allegiance for the event.
  3. Personal brief on how to fly the simulator of your choosing and listen in on the other (if applicable).
  4. Jump in and get seated.
  5. A few easy flight challenges to begin with; such as take off, flying, landing (all harder than it sounds!).
  6. Once you’ve mastered the basics it will be onto combat (or chosen) scenarios. These can include; bomber escort, fighter intercept, ground attack, air races and many more!
  7. If time permits we will then disembark from the simulator cockpit. There will be one last special mission briefing. This follows a realistic situation and will be a huge challenge!


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