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Fully Mobile Flight Simulators

If you require a unique experience, then look no further. Both our WWII flight simulators can be moved and operated in public and private locations. There’s a choice of P-51 Mustang and Messerschmitt Bf 109 aircraft.

Previously featured at indoor events raising money for charities such as the Helicopter museum and at the NEC raising money for children in need.

The flight simulators can be run independently outside during the summer, as seen at Bruntinthorpe airport. They are featured in a large marquee and run off a generator.

There’s multiple options to choose from. With the visuals we can provide; projected visuals (great for crowds or promotion) or even using VR (virtual reality) headsets for even more immersion!

Pilots can opt for combat missions if they desire, races if you want a competition or just general flying for something more relaxed or educational. The situations can be adapted for a targeted group.

If you would like to inquire about featuring Combat Pilot Simulators at your event please contact us using the contact form located here. Or book a flight experience on site directly.

Previous Events

Previous Events

2015 – Simulator Convention Helicopter Museum Weston-Super-Mare – First showing of the P51

2015 – RAF Cosford

2015 – NEC Christmas Gift Fare – Donations towards children in Need

2016 – Simulator Convention Helicopter Museum Weston-Super-Mare – First showing of the 109

2016 – Bruntinthorpe ASDA fundraiser – First time both sims were run side by side in an outdoor environment

2017 – Simulator Convention Helicopter Museum Weston-Super-Mare

2018 – Simulator Convention Helicopter Museum Weston-Super-Mare 10th aniversary