Combat Pilot

Combat Pilot

WWII flight simulators since 2014

Combat Pilot

Combat Pilot

Historical simulators since 2014

Take off in Two WWII flight simulators

On site we currently have two flight simulators based off real WWII aircraft. The cockpits are full of instruments, switches and other realistic controls to put you back in time to WWII.

With the advanced simulators you are able to complete procedures such as engine start-ups and general flying. Of course our weapons are also working! So if a dogfight is what you are after, it’s time to strap in!

The choice is yours between the highly refined North American P-51 Mustang and the formidable German BF 109 G simulators. Both our simulators feature large projected visuals to throw you back in time.

The experience is a great gift for one or more pilots and a wide range of ages. However, aircraft in WWII were notorious for being tricky to operate. With our guidance, you’ll get the chance to attempt a take-off, fly around, engage some targets or even take part in a race!

If you desire we can also run more realistic scenarios for the more hardcore enthusiast. Except to report to duty, have a mission brief and commit to a locating and engaging your chosen target. These realistic scenarios are updated regularly. If you have an idea for a historic mission set contact us here, we love to learn more.

Experiences and Scenarios

From intense COMBAT to heart racing time-trails there's something for you

Mobile Events

Our WWII simulators are fully mobile and can be brought to you

WWII Flight Simulators

What's on offer at Combat Pilot?

Old P51 cockpit in game

There are currently two distinct WWII fighters to take to the air. You can fly the North American P-51 Mustang or the German Messerschmidt bf 109 simulators!

You’ll fly alongside or against an even wider variety, including fighters like the Spitfire, Bombers such as the B-17, and ground vehicles such as the Sherman tank or even transport trains!

We have a range of missions, from historical sorties over Normandy, to fictional high speed race courses around the world.

There are dogfights, bomber intercept missions, ground attack sorties as well as general flying challenges.

If you’re not careful expect to damage components during your time. Poor landings result in landing gear collapsing and damaged props!

You’ll have guidance on how to manage these fantastic beasts, but even then it wont be easy… But remember it’s only a simulator!

Flying isn’t easy. In the Battle of Britain RAF pilots often only had 10 hours of training, you likely have even less! We aim to aid you the best we can without making it too easy.

Located in the West Midlands near Worcester, Redditch and Stratford-upon-Avon we are never too far away. Birmingham to the north is roughly a 40 minute drive. We are conveniently located on Stockwood Business park with plenty of parking, part of Rush farm.

Pilots with prior knowledge, whether that’s from real-world flying or from flight simulators such as Microsoft Flight Simulator X or WWII based il-2 Sturmovik, will often have a great advantage. Don’t let your current knowledge stop you! We can cater for most abilities… remember it’s only a simulator.

BF109 simulator

Most popular Experiences

P-51 Closeup

Single Pilot

One hour sim time
  • Pilot will receive one to one tuition and can style the time to how they desire
  • Take off and Landing practice
  • Combat Sorties
  • Time Trail Races
Flight to the sun

Two WWII Pilots

One hour sim time each
  • Both pilots will receive briefing before being let loose
Most popular
P-51 mobile overview


Sim time split between group
  • Pilots are put through a briefing on how to operate the chosen aircraft
  • Combat or race sorties (coming soon)
  • Leaderboard - Leave as the ace
  • Great for small parties


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