combat pilot
combat pilot
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P-51 Cockpit
The P-51 sim was the first of the combat sims to be shown to the public at the sim convention in the Weston-Super-Mare Helicopter museum in 2015. It features all the parts neccessary for an authentic dogfight experience, for example;
replica controls such as stick, pedals and throttle quadrant
functioning gunsight
(parts missing at Weston show)
Vibration effects to make the cockpit feel alive
Expect to see the sim updated as time goes by to make it even more authentic.

BF 109
The BF 109 is the next in line for the Combat Pilot treatment. The cockpit itself is currently in store over in Germany. Once it is in England work will begin to update it to work with DCS. Used throughout the war, and famously used in the Battle of Britain, the BF 109 featured will be a later war varient allowing it to compete with the P-51.